SCT Business Forum - Latest April 2021

Posted on Tue 1st Jun at 4:11pm

Monday 19th April 2021
Saundersfoot Chamber for Tourism: 
Business Forum 

In Attendance: Dilys Hackett, Phil Baker, Lorraine, Dean Ludlow, Georgia Jones, Alex 
Rudman, Michael Slade, Mike, Sue and Dave Griffiths.

Dilys: Following on from last year’s business forum Saundersfoot Chamber for Tourism has 
decided to restart the forums to help the businesses in Saundersfoot with re-opening from 
the last lockdown as we start the new summer season. The aim is to provide a platform for 
owners of businesses in Saundersfoot to get together to talk, gain advice, ask questions and 
communicate to enable us all to work together. We all want to get the village working 
together and ready to welcome visitors back to the village. SCT feels it is useful to also gain 
feedback from businesses on how everyone is doing, challenges we have faced, visitor 
responses and changes we have had to make to our businesses. The forum is a good way to 
form a picture on how the village is doing overall and SCT is here to help with any issues that 
may arise. 

* Dilys asked owners to provide feedback. Generally, how has it been going? How have 
you found it? Busier than you thought? Quitter than thought? 
o Lorraine, Tuk tuk Taxis: It has been quite normal, with a shorter window of 
opportunity throughout at day with it going quitter earlier with restrictions 
still in place for hospitality meaning it is quite at 7:30pm. They have a new 
Tuk Tuk in next few weeks making it a total of three. Concerns of what has 
been happening in Tenby with crowds, drinking and poor behaviour 
happening to Saundersfoot in the future. 
? Phil Baker: Once the pubs open outside it should all calm down and 
then be able to be managed more. The behaviour of people surprised 
County Hall with the issues not coming from visitors and tourist but 
mainly Pembrokeshire residents. As soon as we have outdoor 
hospitality (26th April 2021) open it will help with this problem by food 
being served, bins provided, and toilets open etc. 

o Dean, Little and Large Lite Bites: They are planning to open around the 17th 
May when hospitality venues are allowed to open inside and outside open 

o Alex, Waters Edge: Bookings are good. They opened for Welsh guests when 
they were allowed a few weeks ago then opened to English guests last 
Monday. They are almost fully booked with people still enquiring. They have 
had some cancellations due to guests receiving appointments for their 
second jabs. Water’s Edge are continuing with everything that they put in 
place last year. A lot of guests that came this year also came last year 
therefore they are familiar with the systems previously put in place for Covid 
so this is easier for the guests this year as they know what to expect more 
than they did last year. Some comments that the village was very busy, but 
everyone is just happy to be on holiday and out again. The village has had a 
nice vibe with businesses and the village getting back to more of a normal. 
The visitors said it was nice to have the shops back open again. 

o Mike, Outer Reef: They opened today and have been very busy running up to 
today. They are really excited to be in Saundersfoot and expanding into 
Saundersfoot. They have found it pleasantly busy in Saundersfoot over the 
last few weeks and are really excited to be a part of what is to come. They 
have had a lot of interest, especially with locals over the last few weeks with 
their online booking system showing a lot of bookings for the summer 
already from locals and people in Pembrokeshire. They are having a retail 
outlet in Ocean Square on the harbour selling branded clothing, wetsuits and 
to be able to book and send people over to the main building in the Marine 
Centre of Excellence. Ocean Square building works have been delayed due to 
Covid however, they are hoping to be finished by the end of May. They 
traded successfully from June last year with covid restrictions in place so are 
feeling excited and confident for the season.  

o Sue and Dave: They are not opening until the 26th when hospitality can open 
outside. It is a little bit quite between the 26th April and 17th May. They feel 
they are quitter because hospitality in Wales is not open indoor or outdoor 
yet and England have opened outside. The end of May and June is very busy, 
and they are expecting a very busy season. 

o Mike Cliff House: They are not open until 17th May when hospitality is 
predicted to open inside. Bookings from May onwards are very busy with a 
lot of overruns from last year re-booking for this year. They are pretty much 
fully booked now until September. Mikes concerns are on the clear up on 
building work in the village and concerned with pavements being clogged up 
outside the pubs with people drinking take-away beverages. 

* Phil Baker: 
o There was village ambassadors last year which were leisure centre staff. This 
year it is planned that the ambassadors are paid and funded but with some 
ambassadors being volunteers too which will ensure a presence of 
ambassadors in the village daily. David Lewis, Hean Castle has offered some 
of his staff as volunteers to help. The use of volunteers as well as paid staff is 
to ensure that there are ambassadors in the village every day throughout 
summer. They were received very well last year by visitors, locals and 
business owners and it was really nice to have them in the village and 
benefitted all. There is also no tourist information centre to be open in the 
library this year and also the Coal building on The Harbour would have been a 
visitors centre but this is not likely to be complete until end of Autumn and it 
is not predicted to be up and running until next Easter making the 
ambassadors even more vital this year. 

o Also submitted last Friday was an application to put a bid into Welsh 
Government to have it a permanent fixture of wider pavement on Cambrian 
Terrace to enable Café Culture. Temporary Café Culture seating the same as 
last year on Cambrian Terrace is happening again this year commencing in 
May. With a temporary outdoor seating application also been submitted for 
outside The Tramway on The Strand. The delivery bays on Cambrian Terrace 
are planned to be moved temporally to Milford Street.

* Mike Slade: Chamber members can also be useful in regard to tourist information 
where packs of information could be put together and given to businesses so they 
can also have the knowledge to assist visitors. 
o ‘Ask us’ or ‘Here to help’ signs/stickers for businesses?
o Is it possible to launch a Saundersfoot app to provide information on the 
village? QR Codes? This can be investigated and used as a foundation, but 
personal contact and speaking with visitors is most important.

* Mike, Outer Reef: Was asked where do their customers park? They are the same as 
all visitors and have to try and find a space in the Harbour carpark, Coppet Hall 
carpark or Regency Carpark. 
o People, residents and visitors are getting irritated for lack of parking in the 
village as we all know it is well over subscribed. Mike used to work for the 
National Trust so is very keen on green travel, Tuk Tuk Taxis is great in terms 
of helping with parking issues. A park and ride system would be ideal and is 
needed. It is on the Community Councils and PCC County Halls agenda. 
o The sports field can be used for 28 days in 12 months for car parking. 
Bonvilles court car park is privately owned and unused, but the location is an 
issue for the use of park and ride from there. Tuk tuk taxis are happy to help 
with park and ride, Lorraine said they are not sure how to help but are more 
than happy to help. Their taxis are two customers to a tuk tuk at the moment 
but hopefully they will get other tuk tuks which can take more people. 

* Developments on the harbour – timetable/ timeline indicative dates are that Ocean 
Square is due for completion for the end of May. The schooner and coal office are 
due to be completed by the autumn. All the equipment and materials have moved 
from the Marine Centre of Excellence to the coal office and carpark. This is reducing 
car parking and looks unsightly. Not how we want to present Saundersfoot to 
visitors. Therefore, their aim is to get Ocean Square completed and finished first as it 
is in the centre of the village.  
* Any questions you can phone the harbour office who will help with any queries. 
There are three units left to be let out with an up-to date list along with any other 
information/updates being posted on their website:

* SCT will share any information or guidelines we receive around to members via email 
and also summaries of the business forums will be sent via email. 
* Phil Baker suggested a topic of a one-off meeting for the World Rowing 
Championships. It would be good to introduce the business in Saundersfoot to the 
World Rowing Championship Community, as Saundersfoot and the businesses need 
to know what is going to happen to enable them to start thinking about it and 
preparing for October 2022. SCT to arrange a meeting for this. 

Mike from Outer Reef is planning to go around the village with posters and to 
introduce himself to the businesses. They are very keen to be a part of the community 
and village. They want to compliment the village and are willing and enthusiastic to get 

Georgia Jones was introduced by Dilys. Georgia is a local resident and met with Dily 
during the week as she wants to get involved and support SCT and the village so 
attended tonight’s business forum to see a little bit of what we do.

Dilys: The plan at the moment is to run the business forums once a fortnight on a 
Monday at the moment. However, if anyone has any issues, information or questions in 
the meantime they can email SCT. A link for the next forum will be sent via email shortly.